Five Mistakes to Avoid While Residential Window Cleaning

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Window cleaning contributes to the cleanliness and appeal of your home. Clean windows illuminate the room by allowing in natural light, making the home feel brighter, warmer, and more welcoming. However, cleaning your windows and doing a fantastic job is always challenging for most people.

Most of the time, no one thinks about cleaning them because they lack the necessary materials and time to do a thorough job. Windows often accumulate dirt slowly, and cleaning can be frustrating at times because achieving a streak-free, stainless window is difficult.

The streaks left on the window after cleaning are often more frustrating than the dirt that was there before embarking on your window washing.

Window cleaning entails more than just filling a bucket with water, soap, and a sponge. There are correct and incorrect methods. There are numerous mistakes you can make that will further complicate the process. This article discusses the five errors to avoid when cleaning residential windows.

1) Using The Wrong Equipment and Products

Cleaning your windows with incorrect cleaning equipment is one of the most common mistakes people make. You may find yourself cleaning your windows with whatever you have on hand, such as a paper towel or rag. However, the majority of those things can leave smears and streaks. To see a significant difference, use a soft cloth or a squeegee.

Products, like solar panel cleaning, play an important role in determining whether you do an excellent job cleaning windows.

Avoid doing the bare minimum and instead research the best window cleaning products. There are various on the market at a reasonable price and ensure you do not cause any damage to your windows. Cleaning windows is as difficult as cleaning solar panels.

2) Cleaning Windows in the Wrong Weather

If you clean your windows when the weather is bad, you may have a lot of problems. When planning your cleaning, always keep the weather in mind.

When it’s sunny, window cleaning solutions dry quickly. When you apply the product to one glass window, it dries before you move on to the next. As a result, cleaning becomes time-consuming, frustrating, and difficult.

The windows will have streaks and water stains from the sun. Wind and rain can make window cleaning a frustrating experience. As a result, the best time to clean windows is when it is partly cloudy but not raining.

residential window cleaning service

3) Cleaning Windows with the Wrong Techniques

Excellent window cleaning necessitates technique. To ensure customer satisfaction, most residential window cleaning services have mastered them. The final appearance is determined by the methods used. Unfortunately, most people do not take the proper steps but still expect the desired results.

Below are some wrong techniques people use:

  • Not dusting First

Dusting helps you see any debris or dirt left on your windows before cleaning them. As a result, doing so ensures no streaks form.

  • Hard scraping

You require a level of caution and skill to use this technique, as it only helps when removing hard stains that have formed on windows.

  • Using too much cleaning solution

If you use too much solution, cleaning your window becomes more difficult. As a result, more toxic chemicals float around and enter your environment. Reduce the amount of cleaning solution you use.

  • Not cleaning the other window parts

Every part needs cleaning, from the jambs and sills to the frames. The glass is not the only part to clean.

  • Not Drying

Some people fail to properly dry their windows after cleaning them. Drying is critical, and using the correct technique ensures that no dust accumulates, no streaks form, and the glass does not fog up. Use a squeegee instead of a rag. Make sure a dryer vent is left.

  • Cleaning with dirty water

The more you wash your window, the dirtier your cleaning solution becomes. It’s similar to gutter cleaning after moss removal. If you want clean windows, however, change your rags and water every now and then to ensure that everything you use is clean.

  • Using circular wiping motions

Wiping windows in circular motions to avoid streaks is discouraged. Instead, work your way from one side to the other. Excessive wiping also promotes dust accumulation on the window.

  • Cleaning a large window glass area at a go

Cleaning a window in sections can be encouraged by any residential window cleaning service to avoid washing less and smearing dirt more.

4) Not Following Safety Residential Window Cleaning Service Measures 

Even when cleaning windows, your safety is of the utmost importance. You must take appropriate safety precautions, especially if the building has multiple stories. It is critical to have the proper tools and ladders to reach the difficult-to-reach corners of windows.

Working alone if a ladder is required may not be the best way to achieve your goal. While the task may appear minor, a fall could have serious consequences for your health and well-being.

5) Cleaning One Side of the Window

Most people only clean one side of their windows because it is difficult to reach the other. Others believe that only the potion’s outer layer collects dirt and dust. Grime and filth frequently build up on both sides of the glass window.

Professional window cleaning services can assist with difficult-to-reach areas of the window. They have the appropriate methods and tools for an amazing job cleaning.

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