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Holiday Lighting Installation

Christmas Light Installers in Roseville, CA

We Hang Christmas Lights Around Your Property to Give You That Bright and Beautiful Holiday Feel

We all enjoy the holiday season because of the joy in the air, the children running around, and, of course, the bright lights hanging from buildings, poles, people’s homes, and trees. Christmas isn’t complete without that charming twinkle surrounding your home.

We also know that putting up your own decorative lights can often be a hassle. Between climbing ladders to line your roof or trees, or painstakingly hanging each strand around the perimeter of your property, it’s easy to find a reason not to do it at all. That’s where we come in! Our Christmas light installers are available to assist you. APW has experienced technicians ready to come and install a light display in high and difficult-to-reach places at a reasonable cost.

As the holidays approach, let APW illuminate your home or commercial property with well-designed Christmas lights. Please contact us for a free project estimate.


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We Professionally Install Christmas Lights Anywhere You Want

Are you getting ready for the holiday season? Don’t forget to turn on the blinking lights early. This way, you, your family, or your customers can enjoy the holiday spirit for longer. We put up Christmas lights on:

Residential Properties 

We specialize in everything exterior. So you can count on us to hang your holiday lights exactly how you want them. We offer:

  1. Christmas lights (type is dependent on the design and what we agree on pre-installation)

  2. The equipment to do the installation

  3. The labor

You don’t have to worry about buying tools or lighting because we bring everything you need. Your role is to review the job once it has been completed. Only with your approval do we mark the job as completed.

residential holiday lighting

Commercial Properties

Do you want to bring the holiday spirit to your company as well? Adding lights to your theme this holiday season can bring you and your staff Christmas cheer while also making your brand more noticeable. Our holiday lighting installation service is also available for commercial spaces. We will install the lights in or around your business, whether you want them in the outline of your building, at the entrance, or something grander like a pixel tree in front of your premises. Our experts are ready to listen and help you realize your vision.

Our Process

So, how exactly does our business operate? We are both professional and dependable. When you hire us to hang your lights, you can expect the following steps:


Custom light design: you provide us with all the necessary details, and we create the perfect design for your property.


Installation and testing: after design, we agree on payment and the installation begins. 


Take down: Once the holiday season is over, we take down the lights, leaving your property as it once was. You can keep the lights in storage until the next holiday. 

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Why Choose Our Christmas Light Installers?

We take pride in being the go-to holiday light installers in Roseville, CA and its surrounding areas. We are well-known for, among other things:

Custom Designs 

Do you want to make your home or place of business stand out? We can assist you in creating the ideal Christmas light design. We will assess your needs, property design, and budget to create a design that will light up your compound and make everyone smile.

Professional Installation 

Have a brilliant design idea but don’t know how to make it a reality? That is why we are here: to put your design into action. Trust us to make your home or business the talk of the neighborhood or community. No adjustments are required for our installations to remain in place throughout the holiday season.


It does not have to be expensive to hire a professional to hang Christmas lights. We have kept our prices as low as possible while maintaining our high standard of quality, whether you are hiring us for your home or business. So, contact us and tell us more about what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote.

A Variety of Quality Lights

Buy the best lights on the market. You can be confident that your Christmas lights will not blow or malfunction when you work with us. We will provide you with lights that you can reuse for the following Christmas and the one after that. We will come and take down the lights for you after the holiday season is over so that you can store them safely for next year.

Furthermore, we provide a variety of lighting options to meet your requirements. Whether you want mini-lights, icicle lights, or animated lights, we can make it happen.

Maintenance Provided 

Poor weather, children playing, and other factors may cause a section of your Christmas lights to fail. Do not be concerned if this occurs. You can call us, and we’ll be happy to come over and take a look. We have you covered, whether the solution is repair or replacement. There will be no dark days this Christmas.


Ready to Get Started?

Want to Stand Out this Holiday Season? APW Professionals’ Holiday Lights Installers Are Ready to Light Up Your Home or Commercial Space!

The best part about Christmas is that the lights shine brighter after the sun goes down than at any other time of year. Sparkling and blinking lights can be found everywhere come November, from your local mall to your neighbor’s house.


Don’t fall behind this season. This holiday season, APW’s expert exterior decorators are here to help you make your home the brightest and most beautiful in the neighborhood. We provide everything required, from the lights to the equipment and specialists needed to hang them.


The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can make your project a reality. So, give us a call at (916)765-5623 today for a free installation estimate!

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