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Professional Window and Exterior Cleaning Service

Most do-it-yourselfers believe that cleaning windows is a simple task. However, it quickly becomes clear that making your windows sparkle is far more difficult than you might think. Getting paper towels, and a spray bottle, and climbing up your old ladder can be dangerous and ineffective.

Making your dirty windows sparkle necessitates the use of the proper tools and skills. All Pro Window Cleaning specializes in dependable window cleaning services for Granite Bay, CA retail, commercial, and residential properties.

Our experts are trained to tailor your cleaning program to include convenient scheduling and payment options. The All-Pro Window Cleaning team has the credentials and skills to clean your exterior windows, walls, and other surfaces on a consistent basis. We also provide excellent cleaning services for carpets, gutters, solar panels, and pressure washing.

We provide a total wow experience that begins with a free quote, from a single-family house to high-rise condos and business offices.

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The All-Pro Window Cleaning Experience in Granite Bay, CA

The exterior appearance of your home or business is the first impression your guests have of you. Fortunately, the cleaning service professionals at All Pro Window Cleaning provide a wide range of services that will increase the curb appeal and value of your home. Our exterior cleaning services include the following:

Residential window cleaning

Take advantage of California’s sun all year long with professional interior and exterior window cleaning. All Pro Window Cleaning will always deliver a fantastic job within your budget, whether you want bi-annual cleaning services to remove the accumulated dust and debris from your windows or regular cleaning to keep your home sparkling. Call now for a free quote!

Commercial window cleaning

Granite Bay, California, is home to both small and large corporations that provide a variety of commercial services. Commercial window cleaning is essential for building maintenance and employee morale.

All Pro Window Cleaning will send you a team of experienced technicians who will clean and shine your windows to perfection. Contact our professional team for a spot-free, streak-free view, whether you have a small office space in Rancho Cordova or your business headquarters in Granite Bay.

Power washing

Even in California, your home or business property is exposed to various elements that will discolor and degrade the exterior of your home over time. Pressure washing is an essential maintenance procedure that will make your home, patio, and concrete surfaces sparkle.

All Pro Window Cleaning’s pressure washing services will protect and preserve the exterior of your home. As a local company, we understand the damage that occurs in homes in North Highlands and Granite Bay, CA, and we assist residents in putting their best foot forward. We will also pressure wash your driveway, walkway, patio, fences, deck, and other areas.

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are an ingenious way to reduce energy bills while also helping to reduce emissions from power plants. However, the accumulation of rainwater, dirt, and grime on your solar panels can result in sub-optimal energy output.

Dirty solar panels reduce their efficiency by 20-25% when they are neglected. Having your solar panels cleaned on a regular basis by All Pro Window Cleaning technicians ensures that they operate at peak efficiency all year.

Rain gutter cleaning

Proper rain gutter cleaning enhances the exterior beauty of your home while also providing an effective drainage system that protects your home from damage. However, removing dead leaves, debris, and other obstructions from your rain gutters can be difficult and dangerous for inexperienced DIYers.

Our professionals are safety-conscious and well-trained to treat your home’s gutters the same way we treat our own. We also inspect your gutters while cleaning them to ensure that everything works properly and efficiently, saving you money on maintenance.

Why choose the All Pro Window Cleaning professional team?

You may not have high expectations when looking for an exterior cleaning company in Granite Bay. Perhaps you’ve previously hired a local technician who was late for the job, didn’t have the necessary equipment or charged you a premium for subpar work. In either case, most Granite Bay exterior washing technicians fall short of the mark.

All Pro Window Cleaning provides exceptional services with a focus on customer satisfaction. So, what distinguishes our exterior cleaning company from others in Granite Bay?

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Professional cleaning services by skilled cleaners

All Pro Window Cleaning is an excellent choice for high-quality cleaning services in Granite Bay. Our cleaners have the best skills and experience in the industry, ensuring that you get high-quality work for a reasonable price.

Great customer service

Aside from doing an excellent job, we are committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service from the moment you contact the team for a free quote. After we finish your project, we are always eager to listen to our customers in order to provide you with a positive overall experience.

Cutting-edge tools and techniques

Our cleaning professionals only use high-quality cleaning products and tools to clean your commercial or residential property. We only use the best resources, from our team to our cleaning products, to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Punctual and reliable

Our family-owned and operated company does an excellent job of cleaning your property in time for your next party or home visit. No matter the deadline, you can count on our exterior cleaning crew to do an excellent job.


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Are you looking for house exterior and window cleaning services in Granite Bay, CA? We're here to restore your home's vibrancy today!

All Pro Window Cleaning provides dependable exterior cleaning services to Granite Bay retail, commercial, and residential properties. We will collaborate with you to customize your service based on convenient scheduling and flexible payment options, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the results. Contact 916-915-9562 to get a free quote today!