Exterior House Cleaning: Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Exterior Clean and Beautiful

exterior house cleaning

Homeowners all agree on one thing – no one enjoys a dirty exterior of their home! Unfortunately, keeping it looking its best can be challenging with bird droppings on siding, mud splatters on windows, and leaves cluttering walkways. But don’t despair: here are 10 tips for keeping your exterior beautiful no matter the season!

Maintaining the exterior of a home is vitally important both aesthetically and practically, which means practicing regular maintenance to remove any dirt that accumulates over time and diminishes its appeal and curb appeal. Dirt accumulation is especially harmful when living in humid areas; build-up can make one’s home less desirable and less inviting to visitors.

Pressure washing services provide an efficient means of quickly clearing away dirt from the exterior of a home, quickly and with minimal effort. Pressure washing allows for the fast removal of mold, mildew, dust, dirt, pollen, and any other potential contaminants from its exterior surface. Services provided by professional pressure washers often use specialized equipment designed for professional results and maximum effectiveness when performing their services, providing powerful results against mold growth as well as mildew.

surface cleaning

If you prefer DIY exterior maintenance solutions, there are also alternative methods that could just as effectively manage the exterior of your home. Scrubbing away dirt with a soft brush and warm, soapy water can be very effective at clearing away grime from siding and other materials. Soap-based cleaners specifically formulated to break down dirt quickly while simultaneously protecting it can also be useful options. Here are a few tips for keeping your exterior clean and tidy- 

Maintain a Green and Weeded Lawn

Healthy grass is at the core of every beautiful backyard, and weeding plays a critical role in its upkeep. To prevent weeds from taking over your yard and damaging its overall health, pull any new ones as soon as they emerge; this makes the process manageable. Make time to walk your yard regularly to pick any new weeds out as you find them, or invest in a rake to quickly clear away weeds in larger spaces as needed.

Make sure that any chemicals used to treat your lawn in order to get rid of pesky plants are appropriate for use in your living space and won’t harm surrounding gardens or landscaping, before making your choice. Store-bought weed killers may cause garden burns or kill grass without your knowledge, while pre-emergent herbicides prevent new weed growth altogether without jeopardizing grass growth.

Weeds tend to come back, even after we remove them, so the best approach is to prevent their appearance in the first place. When used properly, pre-emergent herbicide can be an effective tool in accomplishing this objective and helping ensure your lawn remains free of problematic vegetation in future years.

Use Weed Preventers to Quickly Eliminate Weeds

Maintaining a weed-free lawn can be challenging, so using a weed preventer is an effective solution to quickly eliminating pesky weeds. Weed preventers typically come in the form of granular materials, which are spread over freshly cut grass in order to block new weeds from emerging. They have long-term effects, leaving your lawn looking better for longer while requiring less maintenance in the future.

However, some experts contend that while weed preventers offer convenience, natural methods for eliminating weeds by hand or with tools such as a hoe should always be the primary approach to controlling them in your lawn. Although this approach requires more time and effort than using preventers, it ensures any threats to your turf will be eliminated permanently.

Before selecting an approach that’s best suited to you, it is crucial to carefully evaluate its advantages and disadvantages. If time is of the essence but quality must not be sacrificed, investing in an efficient weed preventer might be your answer; otherwise, taking your time and using tools or manual removal of weeds might provide better results.

No matter which approaches you take to remove nuisance weeds from your lawn, one thing remains certain: an untidy exterior can severely mar the beauty of your home’s landscape. To create a fresher exterior look, another important step should be cleaning windows and doors, either with hands, with special brushes, or with professional help!

Cleaning Windows and Doors to Create a Refreshing Look

Maintaining clean windows and doors will add an updated and revitalized aesthetic to your home’s exterior. While many people rely on harsh chemical cleaners such as soaps or detergents for window washing, it’s important to consider what’s best for both the environment and your family’s health when selecting a window washing method. Before purchasing store-bought cleaners, try the gentlest way possible: cleaning them yourself with mild soap or a naturally-derived cleanser made specifically for that task. Both will leave no additional chemical residues behind from other detergents left behind from detergents used to clean them off windows or doors!

The use of soft brushes or rubber squeegees may provide more thorough window pane cleaning. Follow any directions regarding their usage and purchase one with soft bristles; some cleaning brushes can cause scratches to window panes. Moreover, microfiber clothes will ensure a streak-free shine.

Before beginning, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, starting at the upper ledge of your window or door frame and moving clockwise around its circumference. Foliage can then be added for extra flair to give your home’s exterior a lively appearance.

Now that you have taken steps to prevent weeds and clean your windows and doors, it is time to assess any painting or repairs required in order to keep your home’s exterior materials performing optimally, both aesthetically and functionally! Now is also a good time to take note of any painting projects or repairs necessary – which will ensure optimal performance!

Consider Painting and Repairs

While taking good care when maintaining your windows and doors is paramount, painting and repairs on the exterior of your home should also be prioritized. Repainting can help protect siding materials from harsh weather conditions while simultaneously improving both their appearance and value.

Depending on the kind of paint you select, you have several options when it comes to applying it yourself or hiring professional painters for this task. Doing it yourself can lead to significant cost savings; however, this may take more time and effort if you lack experience in painting. In such instances, hiring professional painters could prove more worthwhile, as they tend to have experience dealing with difficult tasks like working from a ladder or stain-resistant paints that might present unique challenges.

Repairs such as patching holes or replacing sections of rotten wood should also be addressed before painting takes place. In most cases, these tasks usually require more skill and should always be carried out by an experienced professional.

As you take extra steps to paint and repair your home, taking special note of any necessary repairs can ensure its continued good condition while increasing the curb appeal that increases its resale value. Once these are in place, spring and summer can come around without worrying over an untidy exterior!

Prepare Your Home for Spring and Summer

As temperatures warm, sunnier days increase, and it becomes time to prepare your home for spring and summer, it is important to do so. In addition to clearing away debris left from winter cleaning efforts and taking stock of needed repairs, there are also helpful strategies available that can ensure it remains beautiful throughout its outdoor weather months.

Consider power-washing the exterior. In regions with colder climates, this can be especially important as temperatures tend to fluctuate over time. Articulated or sharp-ended siding or trim may have built-up mold or dirt near entrances, which water can help remove. Just be sure that you turn off the power before beginning this task and use a pressure washer with appropriate attachments!

Check your roof and gutters regularly after heavy spring rainfall to assess any damage or build-up of debris on both structures, particularly your gutters, which might have collected over time. Clean out gutters regularly if possible to reduce the overflow of water into the house. Check for cracked or broken tiles, missing nails, or bent ones in shingles, as well as any moss or algae buildup that may wreak havoc during the hotter summer months. Take steps now to address issues quickly; saving future trips up the hill.

Now is an ideal time to take stock of your home’s landscaping. Yard maintenance should include edging sidewalks and driveway curbs to add depth and definition, planting new annuals for colored containers around windows or decks, mowing, weeding, and making sure trees are pruned correctly without over-fertilization – looking out on an organized landscape is sure to put a spring in your step when facing a heatwave!

Prepping your home for spring and summer is essential to maintaining its appearance throughout the year. Making sure debris has been cleared away, attics inspected, gutters cleared out, painting completed correctly, plants healthy, and paint applied evenly will all help your house remain unaffected by cooler seasons that might visit later on.

Get Help From a Professional Exterior House Cleaning Service

Looking to keep the exterior of your home looking its best? All Pro Window Cleaning can help you with exterior house cleaning services. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the exterior, we provide services such as window cleaning, pressure cleaning, and gutter cleaning. Call 916-915-9562 today to schedule exterior house cleaning services. Our experienced team uses top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to keep all surfaces, such as windows, siding, and more, sparkling clean. Don’t let dirt, grime, or other outdoor elements detract from its curb appeal; call All Pro Window Cleaning now and experience what professional house cleaning makes possible!

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