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Concrete, Paver and Deck Cleaning

Concrete Pavers, Driveways and Deck Cleaning

All Pro Window Cleaning offers professional cleaning services for concrete, pavers, brick and pool decks. You can count on us to remove dirt, discoloration, and tough stains, restoring the luster of your driveway, walkways, and decks.


concrete paver cleaner
concrete paver cleaner

Why Clean Your Pavers?

Pavers serve a number of purposes on the exterior of your property. You can have them installed on your driveway, garden walkway, poolside paths, and patio flooring, to name a few applications. They bring the perfect balance of charming decor and functionality to make outdoor living more enjoyable. Given their prominence in the surroundings of your home, it is important to keep them clean and maintained.


Concrete pavers collect an enormous amount of filth due to the porous nature of the material. Unlike interior flooring, they are exposed to the elements which makes them vulnerable to weather changes, wildlife, and other organic matter. Discoloration may also appear from heavy footfall, oil stains, tread marks, rust stains, and general wear and tear from everyday living. This grime can become embedded in your surfaces over time, making your pavers appear unkempt.


Not only can these factors make your yard unsightly, but the structure may begin to weaken from moss or bacteria growth. This leads to the cracking or shifting of paver materials to occur. When this happens, you will notice weeds start to grow between the joints which will only exacerbate the problem.


Getting your exterior surfaces maintained by a professional concrete paver cleaner will not only brighten and refresh your outdoor space but also protect your investment. APW employs experienced pressure washing technicians to tackle the dirtiest jobs in a trustworthy, reliable and thorough manner. Contact us today to have your pavers, driveway, or concrete surface restored to their former glory.


Commercial Concrete & Paver Cleaning

Is the appearance of your business or commercial being negatively affected by dirty pavers? Pavers, especially those in front of your building, can be difficult to overlook. They are one of the first things your customers or tenants notice when they enter your building. Keeping them clean and sparkling will only benefit you as the property owner.


Cleaning pavers, paver joints, brick, and other concrete or natural stone surfaces are a specialty of APW cleaners. We are ready to accommodate your specific needs and schedule our services to ensure that your daily activities are not disrupted. Furthermore, our cleaning leaves no stone untouched and is guaranteed to keep your pavers looking clean for a longer period of time.


Some commercial properties tend to get dirtier more often due to the traffic coming in and out of their building or the location of the structure. As a result, we offer affordable maintenance packages for scheduled cleaning to keep your exterior surfaces consistently looking their best.

Why Choose All-Pro Window Cleaning?

Have trouble deciding which professional to hire to clean your patio pavers? There are numerous cleaning services available, and you may be unsure which one is best for you.

So, here are a couple of the top advantages of using APW. 

Attention to Detail

Our goal is to transform your worn-out, stained, or dull pavers into looking as close to new as possible. As a result, we will arrive with the necessary equipment which includes our commercial-grade pressure washer, non toxic solutions and other cleaners. After removing all furniture and potted plants out of the way, we begin scrubbing, pressure washing, and clearing out debris and overgrown vegetation between the pavers. We work tirelessly to ensure that every detail is covered. Most importantly, we allow you to review and approve the job to ensure your satisfaction.

Trained & Vetted Technicians

Trust that we have the most experience as Roseville, CA exterior cleaners. Every member of our team has worked on a variety of cleaning projects and as a result, we have the knowledge to complete almost any exterior cleaning task you require while producing the best results.

Best Products & Tools 

Good results come from combining the best hands with the best products. We use high-quality, high-performance products and equipment that will leave your driveway or paver patio surface looking its brightest.

Timely Cleaning Service

Are you expecting visitors and need to clean your paver patio right away? You can rely on our crew to complete the job on time. Simply tell us when you need to schedule your appointment, and our technicians will reliably be there to do the job. While we are meticulous, we are also efficient and strive to finish as quickly as possible. So, whether you require next-day emergency cleaning or are simply tired of looking at your dull paving stones, we are ready to assist.

Quality Work is Guaranteed 

We guarantee value for money at APW. We remove surface dirt and use strong cleaners when needed to remove stubborn stains. As a result, your paver surface or driveways will be cleaner and brighter, increasing your curb appeal. You’ll never have to worry about maintaining your paved outdoor space again if you use us as your go-to paver cleaner.


Get the Best Results with APW

Pavers made of concrete or natural stone can become dull and discolored over time. Even if you clean them on a regular basis with soap and warm water or a regular garden hose, external elements will likely still stain them to the point where regular domestic DIY is no longer sufficient.


In this case, you want to bring in the big guns. All Pro Window Cleaning has extensive experience cleaning patio pavers. With the right equipment and approach, we will tackle the task quickly, professionally, and on time. Call us at (916)765-5623 to schedule an appointment!

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